The Zr percent in high purity hafnium

At first, we agree that Zr percent in high-purity hafnium, because zirconium and hafnium coexist and separation is difficult. Different requirements for Zr content are: Zr≤1% or ≤0.5wt% or ≤0.3wt% C, N, O are the second type of impurities, because hafnium strongly inhales, commonly requires C≤100ppm, N≤100ppm. The third type of impurity is Ti, because zirconium ore is sorted from titanium ore and hafnium is separated from zirconium. Generally, Hafnium easily contains Ti which requires ≯10ppm. The fourth category is Fe, Si, etc., which are widely distributed in nature and easily become impurities., the required content is ≯10ppm, other impurities can be ignored, 99.99% high-purity hafnium (4N) is the total amount of GDMS full-spectrum impurities ≯100ppm after Zr, C, N, O is agreed. According to this standard, 4-6N high-purity hafnium can be produced in China.


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