Analytical reagent Zirconium Phosphate

Molecular formula : Zr(HPO4)2·H2O
CAS NO: 13772-29-7
EINECS NO: 237-401-7
Class of risk: general cargo
Assay: ≥99%


Zirconium Phosphate 
Molecular formula: Zr(HPO4)2·H2O
CAS NO: 13772-29-7
EINECS NO: 237-401-7
Hazard Class: general cargo 
HS NO:2835299000
Property: density : 3.3g/ml(25) ,Hydrogen phosphate salt white powder . Insoluble in water and organic solvents, can withstand strong acids and certain alkalinity, H2O zirconium hydrogen phosphate strong stability and mechanical strength, Zirconium phosphate high chemical stability, stable layered structure.


















25kg, 500kg,1000kg per WPP bag. Customized

Zirconium Phosphate

Mainly used for the industrials of solid catalyst, antibacterial materials and ion-exchange material, etc.
Used as a carrier for analytical reagents, coagulants and radioactive phosphorus

It is used for ion exchange and proton conduction materials and can prepare catalysts and catalyst supports for different purposes. In the field of environmental protection, it can be used to remove harmful substances in radioactive nuclear waste and sewage treatment.
Used in ceramic materials can increase the hardness and strength of ceramics. Improve the ceramic's high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and scratch resistance. It can reduce the thermal expansion, improve the thermal stability, chemical stability of ceramics, increase the toughness of ceramics, reduce the composite density, etc. It can be used in ordinary ceramics and special ceramics. Bathroom ceramics.
Used in coatings, it can increase the coating's adhesion, leveling, dispersibility, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stability, remove the harmful odor of the coating, enhance friction and wear resistance, and increase service life.
Used in polymer composite materials, it can increase the toughness and tensile strength of the composite material, improve the stability, oxidation resistance and aging resistance of the material, and increase the friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance of the composite material. It can maintain stable hydrophobicity in acid-base corrosive media so that it has superior corrosion resistance.
Used in textile fiber materials, it can have flame retardant and smoke suppression properties, increase product stretchability, reduce friction and wear resistance, and have antibacterial effect.
Used in adding grease and lubricating oil, it can improve the load-bearing and anti-wear ability of the oil, reduce the viscosity of the base oil, and improve the friction and wear resistance of the base oil.
It can be used as a catalyst or as catalyst support because zirconium phosphate is a layered mesoporous material with a large specific surface area and can support more materials. It is an environmentally friendly green catalyst and is suitable for various Acid-base reaction, organic reaction, etc.


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