Catalyst material Potassium Fluorozirconate

Molecular formula : K2ZrF6
CAS NO: 16923-95-8
Assay: ≥98% min
Class of risk: 6.1
UN NO.:3288


Potassium Fluorozirconate
Molecular formula: K2ZrF6
CAS NO: 16923-95-8
EINECS NO:240-970-4
UN NO.:3288
Hazard class: 6.1
Packaging level: PG 3
Melting point: 840℃
HS NO:2826909090
Property: White crystal, slightly dissolved in cold water, dissolved in hot water; solubility is 6.5g/100ml (80), 19g/100ml(100), poisonous., poisonous.

Assay: 98%;  zirconium31%

Specification  :



25kg , 500kg per  Cardboard barrel  . Customized .

 Potassium fluorozirconate


Zirconium fluoride acid potassium Used in the production of metal zirconium and other zirconium compounds,
For Al-Zr alloy, Mg-Zr alloy, Ferroalloys, and atomic energy industry

Potassium Fluorozirconate Used in ceramic and glass.
Used in electrical materials, refractory materials, electrical vacuum technology materials
Dipotassium hexafluoro zirconate Used as a catalyst and solder
To be used in the atomic energy industry
To be additive of high-class electro-material





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