Electrolyte components Potassium Fluoborate

Molecular formula: KBF4
CAS NO : 14075-53-7
EINECS NO : 237-928-2
UN NO :3260


Molecular formula: KBF4
CAS NO: 14075-53-7
EINECS NO: 237-928-2
UN NO:3260
Hazard Class: Corrosive, Moisture Sensitive
HS NO: 28269090
Melting point: 530℃
Property: Potassium Fluoborate White granule crystal, Potassium hexafluoro zirconate slightly dissolved in water, Electrolyte Potassium Fluoborate hot alcohol and ethanol, not dissolved in alkali solutions; decomposed by strong acid to be Boron Trifluoride; Potassium Fluoride chemicals codissolved with carbonate of alkali metals to be fluoride and borate 

Specification :


25kg, 500kg, 1000kg per WPP bages. Customized.

 Potassium fluoborate

Abrasives for thermosetting resin grinding wheels, raw materials for boron-containing alloys, fluxes for heat welding and brazing, and also used as electrolyte components for low chromium anhydride chromium plating and lead-tin alloy.
Used as analytical reagents and fluxes, also used in the manufacture of boron trifluoride, mold materials for aluminum and magnesium casting, electrochemical engineering and chemical tests.


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