Leather softening agent Zirconium Sulfate for sale

Molecular formula : Zr(SO4)2·4H2O
CAS NO: 14664-61-2
UN No.: 3260
Hazard Class: 8


Zirconium Sulfate (Zirconium Sulphate Tetrahydrate)   
Molecular formula: Zr(SO4)2·4H2O
CAS NO: 14664-61-2
Melting point: 310 ℃
UN NO.: 3260
Hazard class: 8
Packaging level: PG 2
HS NO:2833299090
Property: White crystals, Freely soluble in water, Irritating odor, Soluble in inorganic acids, sparingly

Specification  (%)



25kg,500kg, 1000kg per  WPP bages. Customized. 

Zirconium Sulphate 


 Zirconium Sulphate 



Zirconium Sulfate Used for Titanium Oxide, Leather softener, degreasing agent, in manufacture of other zirconium salts.
Used for retanning of chrome tanned leather. Leather Zirconium Sulfate is used in combination with sulfone bridge type synthetic tanning agent to replace rubber tanned shoe leather, furniture leather, and bottom leather. And has good filling and abrasion resistance.
Zirconium acetate chemicals Used as a white leather tanning agent to make the leather surface delicate, rich and elastic. It is also used as a raw material for the preparation of zirconium compounds.

Chemical Engineering 

Tanning agent is an active substance with multifunctional groups, and its molecular structure contains at least two or more functional groups. Tanning agents can form intramolecular bonds with two or more points of action in the collagen structure, and can destroy part of the intramolecular bonds in collagen at the same time, and produce more new intermolecular cross-links, which has a tanning effect. According to chemical properties, tanning agents can be divided into inorganic tanning agents and organic tanning agents. Inorganic tanning agents are mainly mineral tanning compounds. Organic tanning agents can be divided into vegetable tanning agents, aldehyde tanning agents, oil tanning agents, synthetic tanning agents, resin tanning agents, etc.


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