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Molecular formula : C3H6O2.xZr
CAS NO:84057-80-7
EU NO: 281-897-8
Class of risk: general cargo


Yixing Gaoyang Chemical Co.,Ltd has rich experience in manufacturing and selling Zirconium  Propionate . In China, We supply Zirconium  Propionate to many ink manufacturers and trading companies . The good quality of Zirconium  Propionate always bring more and more customers to us ! 

Zirconium  Propionate 

Molecular formula: C3H6O2.xZr
CAS NO:84057-80-7 
EINECS NO:281-897-8
Melting point: 160℃ 
HS NO:2915509000
Property: A white free flowing powder with an odour of propionic acid

Specification :











25kg, 500kg,1000kg per fibre drum or WPP bag. Customized.

Zirconium  propionate

Zirconium  propionate

 Zirconium  propionate

Manufacturing of high grade printing ink,etc.

Used in painting 

 Zirconium  Propionate 

Zirconium propionate increases the viscosity of nitrocellulose solution

The peel adhesion of nitrocellulose to low density polyethylene, which had been treated in chromic-sulfuric acid or by corona discharge, is much increased when zirconium propionate is added to the nitrocellulose solution. Contact angle measurements on nitrocellulose and polyethylene surfaces treated with zirconium propionate show that their surface energies are not altered. The viscosities of solutions of nitrocellulose in an ethyl acetate/ethanol mixture are increased by zirconium propionate. The interpretation is that zirconium propionate interacts with carboxylic groups on polyethylene and hydrogen bonds to nitrocellulose.

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