Medical application Zirconium Tetra-chloride

Molecular formula : ZrCl4
CAS NO:10026-11-6
UN NO: 2503
EINECS NO: 233-058-2


Zirconium Tetra-chloride / Zirconium Chloride 
Molecular formula: ZrCl4
CAS NO: 10026-11-6
EINECS NO: 233-058-2
UN NO: 2503
Melting point: 437 °C
Hazard class: 8, corrosive
Packaging level: PG3
HS NO:28273985
Property: Zirconium Tetrafluoride White glossy crystal or powder, easily deliquescent, soluble in cold water, 99.9% zirconium tetrafluoride ethanol, ether, Zirconium fluoride insoluble in benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and carbon disulfide


37.5% min0.0025% max0.015% max0.004% max0.0025% max 


25kg  per plastic jar. Customized   


Zirconium Tetra-chloride

Used for metal zirconium, pigment, textile waterproofing agent, leather tanning agent.
Used to prepare zirconium compounds and organometallic organic compounds.
It can be used as a solvent and a purifying agent for remelting magnesium metal.
It has the functions of removing iron and silicon.


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