Milky glazes appliction Zirconium Silicate

Molecular formula : ZrSiO4
CAS NO:10101-52-7
EINECS NO: 233-252-7
Hazard Class: general cargo


Zirconium Silicate
Molecular formula: ZrSiO4
CAS NO: 10101-52-7
EINECS NO: 233-252-7
Melting point: 2550 °C
Hazard class: general cargo
HS NO:28399090 
Property: Milky glazes Zirconium Silicate is one kind of odorless white or white grey powder. Chemical composition ZrO2 67.2% , Sio2 32.8% ;ZrSiO4 zirconium silicate Index of Refraction 1.93-2.01; Hardness ( Mohs Scales) 7-8; Thermal Expansion Coefficient 4.2x10-6; 99% zirconium silicate Specific Cravity 4.68-4.71; Melting point 2500。C 

 Specification (%)

 Zr(Hf)O2SiO2Fe2O2TiO2Al2O3Average grain size Appliction 
A165.533. for the glazed surface of top grade sanitary porcelain, inner tile, tableware, crystal tile and mosaic ,etc  
A264.533. for middle or high grade sanitary porcelain and tableware, inner tile, exterior wall tile, ceramic glazed floor tile, etc  




65340.100.150.7035usuitable for frit and pigment


25kgs, 500kgs or 1000kgs per WPP bag . Customized


Zirconium Silicate


For ceramics, milky glazes, coating enhancers, etc.
Catalysts for the production of alkanes and alkenes. Silicone rubber stabilizer. The content comes from making metal zirconium and zirconia. Industrial applications: Zirconium raw materials, gems, catalysts, cementing agents, glass polishing agents, electrical and electrical insulators, refractory.
Applications: Zirconium raw materials, gemstones, catalysts, cementing chemical binding agents, glass polishing agents, resistance and refractory material, glaze, whitening effect in ceramic glaze.
Premium grade Zircomium Silicate for Glaze
Zirconium Silicate for Glaze and ceramic body
Zircomium Silicate for lower temperature glaze and ceramic body
Zircon Powder

Chemical engineering 

What function are  Zircomium Silicate in Ceramic ?

Production zirconia ceramic processing process


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