Semiconductor coatings Scandium Oxide

Molecular formula : Sc2O3
CAS NO:12060-08-1
EINECS NO: 235-042-0
Assay: 99.99% min


Scandium Oxide
Molecular formula: Sc2O3
CAS NO: 12060-08-1
EINECS NO: 235-042-0
HS NO: 2846901980
Melting point: 2485 °C
Property: coatings Scandium Oxide Density is 3.864 g/mL, 25℃, Fine white powder or 3 ~ 12mm porous particles, Semiconductor coatings Scandium Oxide soluble in hot acid and insoluble in water. Store in a cool, chemicals Scandium Oxide ventilated and dry warehouse to prevent sunlight.

Specification (%)

Transmittance (366nm)////95


25kg, 500kg,1000kg per WPP bag. Customized.

Scandium oxide



It can be used as a vapor deposition material for semiconductor coatings, manufacturing variable-wavelength solid-state lasers, TV electron guns, metal halide lamps, etc.
Used in the electronics industry, laser, and superconducting materials, alloy additives, various cathode coating additives, etc.
It is a raw material of thorium and thorium, thermoelectric exchanger, emitting material, laser, etc.
Suitable for vacuum evaporation applications.

Chemical engineering 

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